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Candy’s will be a queer community hub, coffee shop and bar located in Portland, Maine designed to create space and foster opportunity for queer people and allies. This is a space for gathering, learning, conversing, connecting, networking, socializing, celebrating, and addressing and rectifying inequality.

Grab a coffee and hang in the queer library in the morning. Shoot some pool. Teach a workshop. Attend a workshop. Come to a show. Host a show. Listen to our podcast. bring the fam, whatever that may mean to you. Drink a drink. Eat some snacks. Talk to pals. Be kind to one another.

Structured around a cycle of investment and return within our fostered community, we are powered by ourselves through our Membership Program.

Candy’s is dedicated to creating and fostering community space, opportunity, and programming for queer people and allies. we support open dialogue, learning and growth by providing a space where we can gather, exchange ideas, share stories and relate to one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Candy’s welcomes all allies!

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