Members help to sustain our space and receive:

  1. Daily happy hours (cocktail and mocktail)

  2. Free access to workshops and events

  3. Check-out privileges for the library

  4. Coffee and food perks

  5. Special offers from community partners

Memberships cost $12 per month. Thanks for supporting Candy’s! You’ll get a member ID and then you’ll have access to member benefits.

Candy’s also reserves a donation fund that you can contribute to at any time.

If you are interested in membership do not currently have resources for one, resources from this fund can be allocated toward your membership when available.

Queer space in itself, regardless of added benefits, is a needed commodity for the queer community. Becoming a sustaining member is one way to engage with the space and to keep Candy’s open. <3<3<3

Support Candy's