What does membership get me?

Members receive access to a generous daily happy hour (BOOZE AND MOCKTAILS), COFFEE PERKS, free access to our weekend workshops and lectures exploring a broad range of topics, special offers from community partners, free billiards, free entrance to events, and other INCENTIVES. If you have suggestions for how a membership could better serve you, get in touch.


portland has a thriving and diverse queer community and a lack of queer space. Candy’s is creating and maintaining necessary space, benefits, and programming for queer folks. we’re a space designed for queer people and allies by queer people and allies and maintained by queer people and allies. we’d like to INCREASE ACCESS TO QUEER COMMUNITY AND address inequality in the following ways:

1. provide consistent designated queer space and queer programming.

2. promote local queer businesses, artists, tradespeople, and general queer badasses, and collaborate with organizations and businesses interested in supporting queer community.

3. provide access to a queer library.

4. provide access to educational programming such as workshops and lectures, as well as provide avenues for people who don’t identify as queer to support queer community.

5. provide more opportunities to see queerness reflected in literature and film.


7. host pop-ups and provide designated space and resources for the incubation of queer projects/ideas.


As candy’s grows, we WILL partner with local organizations with specific expertise to provide expanded services for our community.

Do you have other ideas? get in touch.

how is candy’s intersectional?

we are committed to serving ouR entire queer community. queer people come from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and it’s important to us that folks of any race, religion, gender identity and/or expression, sexuality, ability, shape, size, food and drink preferences, etc. feel safe, seen and heard.

Candy’s is a queer-centered, queer-forward space and concept, but we also honor intersections with queerness in the lives of ALLIES who do not identify as queer.

we believe that diversity is a solution, not a problem, and ARE committed to holding ourselves accountable in consistently acknowledging that fact. candy’s is first and foremost a community hub. We believe accurate representation for our entire community is imperative. That’s why we’re hiring an advisory committee of paid contractors/consultants with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets who will be influencing our programming and operations ON A REGULAR BASIS.

PART OF queerness IS ROOTED IN challenging status quo AND asking questionS. it’s our hope that our community will continue to challenge us so we can learn to truly serve our entire queer community.

get in touch. any time.