what's happening

What’s happening at Candy’s?

our goal is to partner with community organizations and help provide space and/or funding for programs specifically designed to serve the queer community. Get in touch. Also…

In-house queer library!

Rotating pop-ups in support of queer-owned businesses/artists/makers!

Co-working space!

Rotating art exhibitions showcasing queer artists!

Series such as Trivia and a Film Series tailored specifically to support and engage the queer community!

Workshops and Lectures in conjunction with partner organizations tailored specifically to further support and engage the queer community!

Multimedia production! Let’s talk about it.

Full liquor/cocktail menu!

Full Mocktail menu!

Local rotating craft beers!


A stellar coffee program with coffee bY ONYX COFFEE LAB and Tea by Rishi!

tasty food!



AN UPCOMING podcast highlighting queer community!

What else? Tell us more.

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